The Placer Group
The Placer Group

A valuable reference tool
that won't weigh you down!

We've selected essential components from our
extensive crimes database to create our California
listings. They're packed with information and small
enough to keep in a briefcase without being noticed
until you need it.

A Crimes Listing is included with every subscription
to CrimeTime, but you can order copies separately
as well. Once you've used it, we think you'll agree
that it is worth more than its weight in gold.

Use the California Crimes Listings to Find
- Crimes and Enhancements  
- Code, Section, Severity and Description  
- Jail and Prison Credits  
- Collateral Consequences  
- Registration Requirements  
- Driver's License and Vehicle Restrictions  
- Lower, Middle, and Upper Terms  
View California Crimes Listing Sample Page  


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