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"I could not live without CrimeTime. It saves me SO MUCH time." - Joseph F. "Bud" Landreth, Defense Attorney Salinas, Ca

“As a relatively new attorney, I recently purchased the California version of CrimeTime. Among the resources I also use are Lexis, Witkins, Forecite, Bell’s Search and Seizure and Motions, CPOLS, as well as several other secondary resources. My greatest concern before purchasing the program was not whether it had incremental value but, rather, whether it would get "lost in the shuffle" of my other resources and essentially collect dust. After purchasing the program, my only regret is not having done so earlier. I am very pleased and use it almost on a daily basis. It has become an integral part of my library. Now my greatest concern is that the company ends up being swallowed up by an earthquake and I’d revert to the place I was before purchasing the program!” - Paul Upton, Defense Attorney Fremont, CA

“A criminal defense attorney or D.A. for that matter without Crime Time available to them would be like navigating through the Alps in a sop-with camel blind folded.” - Antonio J. Bestard Pamona, CA

“When it comes to the intricacies of California sentencing law, I believe that CrimeTime is an absolutely invaluable resource to any defense attorney. Indeed, even after 14 years of practice, the first step I take before I begin preparation of a state sentencing memorandum is to turn to CrimeTime. Whether it is to verify my own computations, or to look for issues that may otherwise go unnoticed, your program has yet to let me down.” - Philip Kent Cohen, Esq. Santa Monica, CA

“Without a doubt this is an excellent product. So fast, so easy so complete and so necessary.” - Michael Zimbert, Attorney at Law Sherman Oaks, CA

“I am an extremely satisfied customer of yours and continue to rave about your product and support.” - Tom R. Medrano, Attorney at Law Pasadena, CA


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