The Placer Group
The Placer Group

"I could not live without CrimeTime.
It saves me SO MUCH time."

- Joseph F. "Bud" Landreth,
Defense Attorney, Salinas, Ca
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Revolutionize the way you
approach practicing law!

CrimeTime is software designed
for legal practitioners.
Calculate incarceration, fines, and
collateral consequences in seconds.
Print reports that explain the exposure
and consequences of a course
of action. Play "What if?" to evaluate alternatives. With 2000+ crimes and allegations programmed in the system, detailed information and reports are a mouse-click away.

Easy to understand and informative reports
are prepared to describe even the most
complex drug calculations. Some reports
available in Spanish.

A single click displays
lesser and greater offenses

New color "Flag" warning
system alerts you to
critical issues

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